The Planes

A plane of existence is an entire universe, sometimes infinitely large, that is part of the greater multiverse. Planes are all suspended in the mysterious Astral Plane, which is something of a misnomer, as the astral plane is not technically a plane at all. There are an unknown number of planes, some theorize that there are infinitely many, and at least 13,000,000 have been documented. Many of these are mere “pocket planes”, tiny miniature planes that are created by powerful magic. Great Archmagi often turn their eyes to leaving their mundane Prime Material Plane, and voyaging through the Astral Plane, in search of new vistas of knowledge, alien magic, and powerful forces yet undiscovered by mankind. Most documented planes have not been explored, and are merely known to exist. It is important to note that there are four classifications of planes of existence, Outer, Prime, Elemental, and Pocket. Outer Planes are the homes of the gods, are all infinite in size, and contain huge amounts of magical energy. They require no elemental fuel, and are actually equidistant from all Prime Planes. Prime Planes are the homes of ordinary mortals, and are attached to a variable number of elemental planes, which provide the matter that makes up the world. Note that at least two Elemental planes must attach to a Prime Plane, otherwise they are considered binary elemental planes without a Prime, a rare phenomenon indeed. Elemental planes are merely the fuel sources for Primes, and contain one type of matter which they share with the Prime plane they are attached to through vortices. A Pocket Plane is a small Plane created by powerful magic. All planes may be accessed via the Astral Plane, or may be attached to another plane through a vortex and accessed that way. Some notable planes are:

Outer Planes:
The Abyss

Prime Material Planes:
Narra Proper
The Void

Elemental Planes:
Plane of Fire
Plane of Water
Plane of Air
Plane of Earth

The Planes

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